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To Find Out How Much Your International Shipping Cost Is: 

Our Website has a special international shipping charge module installed. When you are making an order, you will come to a special place that will ask you what type of shipping you want, for example next day air, regular and so on. Be sure to mark which one you want. As you get to the checkout page, you will see on the right lower side the shipping being charged.

If you forget what the charge was, go to the online shop page of our site, login, click on Account Maintenance, click on your order number and the order will display and you will be able to see the amount.

Gizmomotors does not charge any taxes or fees for international orders. However, your local or national government or customs office may charge you import duties, fees, VAT, etc upon delivery. All duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer. Contact your local customs office for details.

*Hulls have a different rate and are excluded from shipping rates above and will be added to your order!

*Insurance is Optional


Shipping Information


Amount of OrderShipping Fee
$0.01 to $75.00 $7.65
$75.01 up
Over $75.00 FREE
(USA Only)
  • Excludes Hulls
  • Insurance is optional
  • Express shipping will be charged separately

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