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GZ-28.5 CNC Full Race Engine

GIZMOMOTOR FULL RACE 28.5 Zenoah race engine
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This is our new highly modified 28.5cc CNC machined Zenoah Engine. If you want to play or race this is the motor for you. 6.8 true H.P. and 3lbs of torque . If you like to have a full race engine without paying big money you don't have to. You can't buy this horsepower for the price anywhere.


Just to give you a update. I have now released my new port design on zenoahs. I have been testing for months now and they are monsters. As i seen that some company's are trying to copy us. But this new design it will be fun watching them try to copy This can not be copied very easy.The new design will improve though out the power band.

Here is what you get

- New zeonah 260 pum marine engine

-Installed GZ-29 full CNC RACE cyl

- Completely disassembled and all the parts are inspected and cleaned.
- Transfer ports are modified on a cnc machine.
- Cyl base cut to raise compression
- Exhaust port modified on a cnc our timing specs.
- Our CnC machine 20 gram pro mod zenoah piston.
- Cyl is dressed by hand to insure that everything is blended in.
- Our pro Mod 257 cnc carb with needle clamp and button head screws
- NGK plug installed
- Isolater block matched to port.

- Our Mod flywheel installed

- zero drag seals Installed

- Our CNC billet cooling cap made for the 29 cc for the right cooling. this is not a 26cc mod cap that does not give the correct cooling as need with this horsepower

As always we stand behind all of products 100%

This engine will run apox 20mph then a stock motor.

Please check our prices, also you will see there is no CNC machined motor like this on the market for this price. We can do this because we own our own cnc machine so this way we don't have to send everything out to get done. So we pass the savings to our customers.



Please add in note area when checking out what boat and length this kit or engine is going in.

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