AX04026 Hardline Crawler Body .040" Clear

SKU: AXI-AX04026

This is the Hardline Crawler Body from Axial.

FEATURES: Clear lexan construction .040" (1.02mm) thick Competition inspired body Dove-tailed front and rear to minimize interference with tires Rounded roof line and cab forward design to improve roll-over recovery Design, layout, and size all catered for optimum performance Meets all U.S.R.C.C.A minimum requirements

INCLUDES: One Hardline Crawler Body Instructions Decals

REQUIRES: Body scissors (DTXR1150) Polycarbonate paint

SPECS: Length: 14.5" (368.3mm) Width: 5" (127mm) Height: 4.5" (114.3mm) lmm 10.6.10  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 7.00" W. X 4.00" H. X 19.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .33 LBS.