Fiberglass Tape Heavy 4 x5'

Fiberglass Tape Heavy 4 x5'

This is the Great Planes 4" Wide Heavy Weave Fiberglass.

FEATURES: Great for adding strength to surfaces 90? cross weaves with white coloring Consistent weaves for smoother finishes

INCLUDES: One Heavy weight strip (4 inch(102mm) by 5 feet(1528mm)) One Instructions (part of the package header card )

REQUIRES: Sand and clean surface, Epoxy Glue (GPMR6045) for porous materials like wood or CA glue (GPMR6008) for plastics, cut to size and filler HCAR3400.

COMMENTS: Common usages: Cowl & Wing Center Wing Center Wing Center Wheel pant Up to .40 Up to .60 Up to .90 GPMR1052 Heavy (1") * GPMR1054 Medium (2") * GPMR1056 Heavy (3") * GPMR1058 Heavy (4") * ir/jl  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.50" W. X .50" H. X 6.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: .12 LBS.