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This is our new CNC machined Zenoah "Bolt-on" GZ- 29.5 cc water cooled cylinder kit . This kit will give you the Monster torque for the large scale boat or a Large powerful racing upgrade. This kit is for you. Comes with everything you need to bolt on over 7.2 true H. P. and 3 lb's of torque . If you like to upgrade your Zenoah or RCMK without paying big money you don't have to.

NOTE: That we make the cooling cap specific for the 29 cc cyl for proper cooling that you need. This is not a cooling cap made out of a 26cc which will not give the proper cooling you need for the high horsepower. This cap will also bolt right on the 26cc motor also for a lot of extra cooling.

Please note that with our new machine process that you use only the stock gasket,and no cutting the top of the combustion chamber. this means that there will be no free porting nor recharge pressure leaking above the ring on the intake side as we have seen on a lot of other stroker motors we have seen.
9/82013 update
Just to give you a update. I have now released my new port design on zenoahs. I have been testing for months now and they are monsters. As i seen that some company's are trying to copy us. But this new design it will be fun watching them try to copy This can not be copied very easy.The new design will improve though out the power band.


Here is what you get:

Rcmk piston pin bearing

rcmk piston pin spacers

NGK plug

-Transfer ports are modified on a CNC machine.
-Cyl base cut so can use stock gasket to increase compression
-Intake & Exhaust port modified on a CNC machine.
-Our CNC machine 20 gram 36 mm Pro-mod piston.
-Cyl is dressed by hand to insure that everything is blended in.
- OEM zenoah cooling cap.

You don't have to be an engine builder to install this kit. Just unbolt your cyl and remove piston and parts and install the kit. That simple.This will increase apox 25 mph over stock.

As always we stand behind all of products 100%.

Please check our prices, also you will see there is no CNC machined kit like this on the market.

P.S Please note when cking out what type of boat and the length.

Please add in note area when checking out what boat and length this kit or engine is going in.