Pin Vise 1/8 Collet w/3 Bits

Pin Vise 1/8 Collet w/3 Bits


 This is a Small Hand Held Manual Drill that Resembles a Pen with a Collet for 
  Drill Bits in One End, and a Removable Cap to Hold Drill Bits in the Other.  
FEATURES: Steel construction (natural metal color)                             
          Retainer clip for holding onto pockets                               
          Adjustable collets to hold many bits, numbers 30-53                  
INCLUDES: One Pin Vise (hand held drill)                                       
          Three Bits #48(.076"), #51(.067"), #53(.0595")                       
SPECS:    Length:  4-1/4"                                                      
          Diameter: 5/16"