2020 V2 GZR Billet Bottom End kit 2020 GZR Full circle 1mm crank at no extra charge

SKU: 2020 GZR V2 Billet Bottom End kit
2020 V2 GZR Billet Bottom End kit now with our 2020 full circle crank with out extra charge
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New Release 2020 V3 GZR Billet Bottom End kit this by far the most diversified Billet crankcase on the market hands down. this crankcase you can put any marine style coil RCMK/TigerKing/zenoah/Rev/ and other clones, also you can buy with our New 1 pcs coil setup that's right only 1 coil thats it. You don't have to worry about chasing which coil is going bad, With this setup you do not have to worry these coils hardly ever go out and if it does you can change it while it is in the boat No better setup out there nowhere.The zenoah 320 type coil is not the same as this coil and will not fit.

The 2020 V2 billet crankcase is not like any others ever on the market it only weights 11 grams more then a zenoah case.It also will seal a tapered crank with the internal seal between the inner and outer bearing so it will seal any marine crank on the market. the V2 case is nothing like the V1 case it took us months laying this out and testing and this is not a easy task at all.so this is what you get.


2020 V3 billet crankcase made of american made 6061 T6 alum

OEM GZR 1mm Full Circle crank Best 1mm Crank on the market.

Our new GZR flywheel.

All spacers and bolts for the std coil are included.Note the weight on the 1 pcs flywheel is around 155 grams

If buying the 1 pcs coil setup the spacers and bolts are included.

Comes with the wide piston pin bearing and spacers.

These are only made in std rotation only.

Comes with zenoah inner bearings and seals installed

You will love this setup for sure and the price that can not be matched anywhere.

Another innovation by Gizmomotors


 Note the weight on the 1 pcs flywheel is around 155 grams