35-241 Saw & Mitre Set

35-241 Saw & Mitre Set

This is a Saw and Miter Box Set from Zona Tool Co.

FEATURES: Cuts square ends, perfect splices and angled or mitered corners. The aluminum miter box has slots that are .014" thick. Beveled channels hold tubing, dowels and narrow strips while cutting. Cuts material up to 2" wide and 15/16" thick at 90, 45 and 30 degree angles. The Universal Razor Saw has 42 teeth per inch for extra fine cuts in balsa and other wood, plastic, copper and brass. It is a good all-purpose saw for modeling and miniature making. Carded packaging.

INCLUDES: One Saw And Miter Box Set.

SPECS: Cutting Depth: 1-3/16" Length: 6-1/2" Teeth Per Inch: 42 Material Thickness: .010" ir/kh  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.00" W. X 1.25" H. X 13.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .62 LBS.