405 Heli Blade Pitch Meter

405 Heli Blade Pitch Meter


  This is a Helicopter Blade Pitch Meter for Setting Proper Pitch Angles for   
        Cyclic and Collective Inputs Widthin 1/4 of a Degree Accuracy.         
FEATURES: Magnified Window, Anti-Parallax, Jeweled Movement Scale Meter.       
            Reads Within 1/4 of One Degree.                                    
          Range On The Meter Is From +10 Through -10.                          
          Bearing Mounted Pointer With Mirrored Surface Behind For Easy Viewing
          Steel Counterweight                                                  
          Bubble Level                                                         
          Adjustable For Various Blade Widths and Properly Aligns Flybar and   
            Main Blade Angles.                                                 
          Hanging Flybar Bubble Level For Precise Set-Up.                      
          No Slop Adjustable Blade Jaws                                        
INCLUDES: One Helicopter Blade Pitch Meter                                     
          One Hanging Flybar Bubble Level and Bar                              
          One Instruction Sheet                                                
REQUIRES: Assembly of Pitch Meter.