55668 Assorted Files w/Handle (6)

55668 Assorted Files w/Handle (6)


           This is a Set of 6 Assorted Files with Handle from Excel.           
FEATURES: High quality metal files.                                            
          Six different shapes ideal for shaping, deburring and stock removal  
            from metal, plastic, wood and like materials.                      
          The #2 single cut means less clogging for easier use.                
          Includes one each of square, round, three square, halfround, knife   
            and flat files.                                                    
          5-3/4" sturdy, interchangeable knurled aluminum handle.              
          Carded packaging.                                                    
INCLUDES: Six Assorted Files with Handle.                                      
SPECS:    Length: 5-3/4" (14.6cm)