8733 Round Brush #2

8733 Round Brush #2

This is a Testors #2 Synthetic Round Hobby Artist Paint Brush. _

FEATURES: Solid wood handle Seamless metal ferrule Hand-formed white bristles glued into ferrule _ This is a very fine tipped brush used for fine detailing, fine control figure painting (faces, insignia, fine details, etc.), and fine blending effects.

INCLUDES: One #2 Synthetic Round Hobby Artist Paint Brush _

COMMENTS: Never trim the brush. Quality brushes have bristles which are naturally split on the ends. This allows the brush to carry and lay down the proper amount of paint. Trimming the ends will ruin the brush. ir/jl  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.25" W. X .38" H. X 9.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .02 LBS.