C22301 Ti-Nitride Wrench Set Hex (6)

C22301 Ti-Nitride Wrench Set Hex (6)

This is a Ti-Nitride Hex Wrench set from Team Integy.

FEATURES: Color coded sizes. Hex wrench tips have a high degree of tolerance to lock screws into place. Easily replaceable wrench tips, just loosen the set screw, insert new tip and tighten.

INCLUDES: 6 Color Coded Ti-Nitride Hex Wrenches

SPECS: Length: (including handle) 6-3/4" Wrench sizes: 0.05" - Silver 1/16" - Black 3/32" - Purple 5/64" - Green 1.5mm - Red 2.5mm - Blue

COMMENTS: Replacement tips: INTR8203 4-40 3/32" 07/12/05kkh  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.25" W. X .75" H. X 7.13" L. BOX WEIGHT: .54 LBS.