DUB-2137 Adjustable Ball Link 4-40 w/Hardware (2)

SKU: DUB-2137
DUB-2137 Adjustable Ball Link 4-40 w/Hardware (2)

This is an Adjustable 4-40 Ball Link Set with Hardware. Adjustable means you can adjust the tension on the ball.

FEATURES: Steel, brass, & plastic construction

INCLUDES: Two adjustable swivel ball links w/ 4-40 self threading shanks. (1.142" total length) (Black) Two nylon lock nuts (Silver) Two 4-40x5/8" socket head cap screws (Black) Two 1/16x1/4" Silver screws used to adjust the ball link Two beveled spacers .106x.248x.118 (ID x OD x thickness) (brass) Two 1/4" brass balls w/.10" hole

REQUIRES: 1/4" wrench for the lock nuts 3/32" allend wrench for the socket head cap screws Small flat head screw driver for the small Silver screws

SPECS: See "includes" above

COMMENTS: The ball link has a 1/4" hex to make it easier to install with a 1/4" open end wrench. tjt 032802 ir/kh  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.25" W. X .25" H. X 2.25" L. BOX WEIGHT: .02 LBS.