Drop GMM Racing Lifetime Zen/RCMK/QD Engine Mount

Drop GMM Racing Lifetime Zen/RCMK/QD Engine Mount
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GMM's Lifetime Drop Engine Mounts

These are some of the best mounts you will ever find. .185 thick aluminum mounts with large radious bends for added stength. They have 4mm pullstart bolt holes so now your stock screws from the Zenoah's and RCMK's and the ones supplied with most stainless bolt kits will fit along with the set included. The rubbers and complete set of mounting bolts, nuts and washers are included. The mounts offer a no questions asked free replacement if one should ever crack or break. These are direct replacements and are fully interchangeable with CC and others that share the same dimensions. GMM coil relocator and throttle assembly are also part of the package.


PLEASE NOTE: we have redighed all of our front plates so you dont have to cut the ID to clear the EZ-START starter pawl anymore.