SKU: GZ-AC-30.5
GZ-30.5 Full Mod LONGBLOCK
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- GZR FULL MOD zeonah 30.5 long block

Completely disassembled and all the parts are inspected and cleaned.
- Transfer ports are modified on a cnc machine.
- Cyl base cut to raise compression also only stock gasket is needed
- Exhaust port modified on a cnc machine.to our timing specs.
- Our CnC machine pro mod 36 mm zenoah piston.
- Cyl is dressed by hand to insure that everything is blended in.
- NGK plug installed
Installed 2mm stoker stuffer crank
This long block fits:

Off-road Rc Cars: HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC, MCD, Rampage, FG Marder, FG Marder Race, FG Monster Beetle, FG Monster Beetle Pro,FG MT5,FG Stadium Truck, Duratrax Firehammer, Carson Attack, Smartech Traveller,FG Leopard, XTM, Leopard Race, FG Leopard STX, FG Marder Beetle, FG Pajero and most other large scale cars.

On-road Rc Cars: MCD, FG Evo,FG Sportline, HARM,FG F-1 Competition and most other large scale on road cars.

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Please check our prices, also you will see there is no CNC machined long block like this on the market for this price. We can do this because we own our own cnc machine so this way we don't have to send everything out to get done. So we pass the savings to our customers.

PLEASE NOTE: Now we offer our Billet alum crankcase with all of our long blocks and engines.