GZR Air Cooled Billet Crankcase

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GZR Air Cooled 6061 Billet Crankcase !! READ !!
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New release GZR Air cooled billet 6061 crankcase with seals and bearings installed We would like to make something straight the crankcases you see out there for sale are a copy of our design that we made years ago.This company has copied our cnc pistons and tried to copy our cnc porting All they can do is copy and post large untruthful dyno results by not showing the correction factor ect and people are falling for this. wake up guys They take a engine and take a dremel tool and do a little scratching around and now its 8 or 9 HP And to be truthful we are tired of fixing junk. From here out we will be making some products of our original design. So here is our 6061 T6 Billet case. Our case is ramped and uses a crankcase gasket not like our copy's These will be a free upgrade on all our mod engines and long blocks.

NOTE: It will match up to Zenoah case but the RCMK case will have to be matched. We will do this at no charge just select drop box.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 4 bolt case.


Any questions Please contact us.

Thanks Gizmomotors

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