GZR New 2020 Side Exhaust 6061-T6 Billet Alum Crankcase.

SKU: GZR New 2020 Side Exhaust 6061-T6 Billet Alum Crankcase.
GZR New 2020 Side Exhaust 6061-T6 Billet Alum Crankcase.
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Another new product from GZR Performance our new Billet 2020 6061-T6 alum Race Case.We've removed the excess volume from the crankcase to increase throttle response. Transfer bowls have been completely redone to increase air speed flow to the transfers and now you can run any crank with the 4 bearing setup and with our new internal seal between the inner and outer bearing will seal the crank it can be setup as 2 or 4 bearing and just about any combination of cranks, cylinders, ignition. The front case is drilled with 3 different timing positions for Zen/ RCMK/REV coils and drilled also for the small Tiger King and new for 2017 our new 1 pcs coil and flywheel setup.What a nice broader power band you will have with our Race case and compression increase and much more throttle response. This is one of the best investment you can make to get away from the cracked crankcases. These are a free upgrade option on some of our mod engines on sale or not..Crankcase comes with bearing and seals and or sealed bearings as to what to chose in the drop down box.

Also The Tigerking cyl kit will bolt right on But will have to match the case to the cyl.

The  STD cranks and the GZR 29.6 and 2mm crank will work on this crankcase also the superfine and std flywheel.But if using a Tigerking flywheel you will not have to cut the fly weel But there is some many combinations can be done.

NOTE: This crankcase is apx 11 grams lighter then a stock Zenoah case 

The case fits all zenoah style mounts.

Also new for the 2020 V3 Crankcase is our new 1 pcs coil and flywheel setup you can order as a option:No more chasing what coil is bad these coils rarely go out and can be changed while in the boat.By this setup one time and and dont have to worry about coils again and with the setup you will see RPM increase


 You wont find a better billet crankcase on the market and what it will do for the price anywhere