GZR Racing Zenoah 30-PLUS cc Engine

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GZR Racing Zenoah 30-PLUS CC Engine w/ free billet crankcase upgrade
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This is our new release of the GZR-30-PLUS cc Zenoah Pro Mod engine. Since we were the first to make the 36mm marine engines We now have. It is the most powerful 36mm Pro Mod engine on the market. We have done endless testing of our new crankshafts and have that with our new port design and our 2021 NEW RELEASE of our sole proprietary designed crank built for our engines only You get the torque of the 35cc and the rpms of a 26cc. You show up at the lake with one of these you will hurt some feeling.



This is what you get

 New 2019 port design 95% hand ground pro mod cyl done buy us at our shop.

 Dismantle Zenoah PUM 300 with ez-start or 2021 V3 billet crankcase

 Engine is completely inspected cleaned

 Install our new crank

 Set the end play on crank to our spec's

 Install our Pro Mod piston and ring and set to our specs

 Install our new designed 36mm Zenoah cyl and set to our spec's

 Comes with our mod 1048 carb

 Matched ported GZR alum insulator block

 Install our billet carb cover

 Comes with zenoah ez-start

Completely assembled the engine and install and all other parts as seen in picture.

Go with the best not one the rest.

Another new innovation from GIZMOMOTORS

 Please note that all of our mod engines come with our new Stainless Steel crab shaft upgrade installed.