New release GZR 29.6 crankshaft

SKU: New release GZR 29.6 crankshaft
New release GZR 29.6 crankshaft

New release of our new 29.6 crankshaft . fits all Zenoah,CY,Quickdraw,Tigerking,RCMK and clone crankcases.our newly designed cranks are based on many years of engine building and seeing a lot of junk cranks and the china cross bred cranks. our Crank rod has been groove cut on the bottom of both sides of the large end of the rod for extra oiling of the lower bearing. Also the top has been drilled for extra oiling also. We also cut the key way channel deeper also less side to side end play so no shims are needed better side to side end play on the rod for no sticking lower bearing like many other cranks please look around and see if you can find a better crank on the market for this price watch out the $150.00 china cross bred crank that are inferior to our crank. This is just the start of our new crank line look out for more very soon.

This crank is for marine engine only.


Also you will never worry about us being out of stock. we have a LOT in stock NOW

Please note our new crankshaft line has no affiliation with any other engine manufacturer.

Also please note this crank uses the wider Tigerking style crank not included