Our new 2024 GZR 1/4 Drive

SKU: Our new 2024 GZR 1/4 Drive
Our new release 2024 GZR 1/4" Heavy Duty stinger drive from TFL

New for 2024 our new release 1/4" Super Stinger drive from TFL with our 2024 new addition's to the drive.

#1 removed the backstop inside the barrel now can remove the stinger from front or rear this make the drive much more versatile.

#2 cut slots in the short stinger so it will lock very well and make it much more adjustable.

#3 removed all the button screws and installed all HD stainless Steel Allen Bolts to make the Drive bullet proof 

Made of 6061 Billet alum 

Same bolt pattern of many other drives 

Perfect for any size of boat

if this drive breaks other than normal where and rear we will replace it for free 

you  won't find a better drive and deal like this anywhere 

also we have in stock the new 2024 stinger. for this drive ck it out !!!