PT40 Z-Poxy Finishing Resin 12 Ounce

PT40 Z-Poxy Finishing Resin 12 Ounce

This is Z-Poxy Finishing Resin from Pacer.

FEATURES: Pacer's Finishing Resin system is specially formulated to bond fiberglass to wood and foam. Resistant to shock and solvents and is odorless. This Epoxy is resistant to shock and solvents, is non-brittle, easy to sand and has flow characteristics. Total working time of this resin is 20-30 minutes, and it fully cures in 3 hours completely clear

INCLUDES: One 6oz Bottle of Hardener One 6oz Bottle of Resin

COMMENTS: This product contains Epoxy resin and Polyamide resin, some people are allergic to these compounds. JXR 8-31-98 ir/jl  

BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.75" W. X 2.00" H. X 7.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: 1.05 LBS.