2022 GZR 61cc PRO-MOD Billit IN-LINE racing engine

SKU: GZR-26902
2022 GZR 61cc Billit PRO-MOD IN-LINE racing engine

GZR all new 2022 Billet pro mod in-line engine.

This engine will come to you ready to run out of the box.

comes with our pro mod 30.5cc heads =61cc

comes as shown in picture

All the parts on this engine is our design and built by us.

comes with belt pulley or Ez-start

our exclusive 2mm stroker crank we design  for the in-line

our 2022 coils are by far the best out there complete new design never done before by no one.

Also our new 2 key flywheel that runs on a in-line or a std one cyl engine 

new design crankcase that cant be matched. 

2 years of designing the pcs for this engine and here it is the 2022 GZR billet 61cc in-line engine complete

we have all the parts and mounts in stock.

Just another innovation by Gizmomotors