SAVSH0350 Servo

Savox SH-0350 Micro Digital Servo

This is the Savox SH-0350 Micro Digital Servo.


Over-spec refined design out performs ordinary micro size servo.
The metal case design looks awesome and allows for cooler and smoother operating temps.
Strict production and quality control of plastic components.
Our servos are totally green – from materials to production, these servos are environmentally friendly.
Ideal for 250/450 class heli's and park flyer airplanes.

Dimensions(mm): 22.8X12.0X25.4
Weight(g): 12.3
Speed(@4.8V sec/60): .21
Torque(@4.8V oz-in): 30.6
Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .16
Torque(@6.0V oz-in): 36.1
Gear: Industrial Plastic
Bearing: 1BB
Case: Aluminum
21 Tooth Spline