SCA-1E 1/10 Scale Coyote Truck Non-Assembled Deluxe Kit

SKU: CIS79168
SCA-1E 1/10 Scale Coyote Truck Deluxe Kit w/ Performance Tires, (285mm Wheelbase)

The SCA-1E Kit has been designed by scale enthusiasts, for scale enthusiasts. From its inception the original SCA-1E has proved such a global success as an RTR, it was an obvious choice to become a kit release. It offers an affordable way into the self-build scale scene and will allow the end user to tailor its final look and performance to their own taste and abilities. Go as detailed or as simple with the build as you feel. Make the kit an extension of your own personality, and from the minute you start the build, personalize it any way you want. Wing mirrors, grille detail, bumpers, door handles and wiper blades all add the final touches to a shell that optimizes retro off road, and the kind of vehicle we all aspire to build and own in real life one day.

The kit sports a CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo), with a forward mounted battery tray to fully optimize weight bias and improve the rigs crawling capabilities. The battery tray accommodates standard brick style LiPo cells or standard stick NiMH packs. Alloy bodied, oil filled, coil-over shocks keep the wheels firmly planted to your running surface. Carisma has also designed a true beadlock wheel system, with a deep tread soft compound all terrain tire to generate grip regardless of the surface you run on. Improved the upper shock mounts and chassis bracing offer multiple upper shock positions and a stiffer feeling C Section chassis.

Key Features:

  • Combined Battery & Chassis Mounted Servo Mount
  • Optimized battery positions for forward weight bias, and chassis servo mount improved the scale looks. It also acts as a chassis brace and stops excessive lateral chassis flex.
  • Stiffer, multi-position shock towers offer better upper shock mount positional tuning and minimal flex, even under extreme loads when crawling. Combined with the CMS mount they stiffen the chassis and ensure the shocks themselves work more effectively.
  • Symmetrical Chrome Beadlock Wheels can be easily weighted, offer scale looks & beadlock versatility. They can be split by removing just 5 bolts, then weighted and re-assembled in minutes.
  • The 'AT-AT' (All Terrain Adventure Tires) offer improved traction on a wide variety of surfaces. The compound balances wear rate with all-round traction.
  • Alloy Threaded Bodied Coil-over Shocks
  • Shock damping can be fine-tuned with silicone oil & spring rate. Pre-load and ride height can be adjusted via threaded bodies, and re-builds kept to a minimum due to improved shock design and integrity.
  • Clear Coyote Shell with Accessories for Maximum Build Versatility. The uncut, clear Lexan Shell can be painted, weathered and detailed to your own design. It comes complete with molded wing mirrors, rear view mirror, light buckets, door handles, grille, headlamp lenses, tail lights, windscreen wipers & official Coyote/Karmadaz decal sheet.



  • Weight: Approx. 2200g (Fully Built)
  • Skid Clearance: 75mm (adjustable)
  • Length: 480mm
  • Width: 230mm
  • Wheelbase: 280mm (adjustable)
  • Height: 210mm (adjustable)


Items Required for Completion:

  • 2 channel radio system
  • Steering Servo
  • Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Battery Pack and Charger
  • Polycarbonate paint and modeling/assembly tools

Requires assembly.

;Ready to Run