New for 2023 GZR 30 plus stock engine / no carb

SKU: New 2023 30 plus stock engine / no carb
GZR Billet 30 + plus stock engine with no carb
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New for 2023 GZR ​is our OEM ​Billet 30 Plus motor the perfect power plant. Here's what you get: our GZR 29.6 full circle crank features a deeper key way channel and​ less end play  so no need to use ​crank ​shims. This motor has a stock 36mm ​oem zenoah ​cyl with our 36mm ​GZR ​promod piston it comes with our billet aluminum crankcase, GZR flwheel and Zenaoh E-Z start. This complete motor comes with a great price run as it is or modify it and you have the perfect ​30 plus ​race motor.
Note that we have had made our new 2021 GZR long stroke crank which is the 29.6 crank and has no affiliations with any other engine manufacturer also the rods and bearings our made to our specs not some china cross bred cranks that cost double and are inferior to our new 2021 GZR crank line. Just another innovation from GZR racing 
Note: our new GZR crank line are taper cranks and not straight cranks.
ck any place in the world you want find this for this price any place we try our best to keep it affordable for the hobby.